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Scaffolding – reputable, solid brands

The Stern Service company distributeshigh-class scaffolding. Our priority is for you to use our solutions safely and with satisfaction over the years. That is why we have composed the offer so that you can find only original products provided by industry leaders.

Plettac, Layher, Rux and Bosta scaffolding are known and proven around the world. We especially recommendthe Aluberg mobile scaffolding unit, which is perfect for projects that require a flexible and individual approach.

We have many more such tricks up our sleeves. Do you need something special? Call us, and we will present you with all our proposals.

Scaffolding – what to look for when choosing?

When choosing ascaffolding, there are several aspects to consider. The first should be the specific application of the structure. Because although scaffolding is mainly used in construction, renovation and installation works, they also work in other situations. Another issue, somehow arising from the first one, is the selection of a specific solution. It is worth emphasizing that depending on the scope and nature of the work, you can choose free-standing scaffolding, mobile scaffoldingand those fixed to the building. Another important factor to keep in mind is the working height of the structure. In this regard, we have solutions with a span from a few to even several meters, so there is a lot to choose from.

Incidentally, it is worth adding that the scaffolding is also divided depending on the material from which they were made, which may also affect the selection of specific solutions in the context of their specific applications. Therefore, we distinguish metal scaffoldings, i.e. steel and aluminum scaffoldings, but also scaffoldings made of wood and fiberglass. It is worth taking a closer look at the latter, because despite the popularity of metal scaffoldings, those made of GRP composite are characterized by numerous advantages. The most important of them is the lack of electric current conduction, but also a very high resistance to mechanical deformation as well as to the effects of rust and chemical agents. It can therefore be said that fiberglass scaffolding is a structure for special tasks.

Frame scaffolding – application

Our offer includes a wide selection of frame scaffoldings. These are solutions that are particularly popular, thanks to a large range of potential applications. Frame scaffoldings will therefore prove themselves in:

  • when plastering and painting walls,
  • as part of thermo-modernization works,
  • during conservation works,
  • when cleaning the facade,
  • in bricklaying works,
  • but also during installation works.

These are just a few of the uses for which frame scaffolding works It is worth adding that they are also suitable for the construction of temporary decorations and elements of set design. What is especially worth emphasizing – frame scaffolding works equally well inside and outside buildings.

Frame scaffolding – advantages

Among the advantages of frame scaffolding, in addition to the aforementioned wide application, one should mention easy assembly and a very durable structure. It is worth emphasizing that the structure of the frame scaffolding is based on a mandrel-ratchet system, and therefore, for their assembly, no screws are required, the tightening of which could be complicated and, above all, time-consuming. The intuitive installation system guarantees not only time savings, but also comfort and safety. An important advantage of frame scaffolding is also the fact that they are easy to transport, while the wide range of presented structures allows them to be precisely adapted to specific types of buildings and their facades.