The best, reputable brands

Our mission is to see you in a couple of years still using our scaffolding solutions with ease and satisfaction. That is the reason we have composed our portfolio in a way that lets you choose from only original products supplied by the industry’s leaders.

Formwork and scaffoldings by Plettac, Layher, Rux, Bosta or Hunnebeck are known and proven around the world. In particular, we do recommend the scaffolding Aluberg, a perfect fit for any project that requires a flexible and individual approach. Aluberg is one of the most popular brands among our customers.

But we have much more tricks up in our sleeve.

Because our company operates in a comprehensive way, in addition to supply you with exactly what you need for your project, we’re always looking into purchasing scaffolds. You don’t know what to do with scaffolding equipment you no longer need? Stern Service will save you the trouble, time and money. What is more, we will pick up your scaffolds absolutely free of charge, and pay you cash. We guarantee fast and hassle free transaction.

We believe in quality and dedication

In our work we believe in delivering the best and the most modern technological solutions mixed with impeccable customer service to always match your individual needs and wishes. You need something special? Call us, and we will present you with all our proposals.

Sell us your scaffolding for cash!

Is the spare scaffolding, you would like to dispose of but you do not know how, still bothering you? We have the best solution for you! Give us your used scaffolding, and we shall pay for it at once.

Scaffolding purchase covers aluminium scaffolding and Plettac, Layher, Rux and Bosta façade scaffolding.

You need not worry about any invoices and waiting for bank transfer, because we pay immediately and in cash only! We guarantee the fastest transaction and full professionalism. With us you shall not only free yourself of the problem, but you shall earn on it too!

See for yourself and call us today: + 48 692 125 788

Do not worry about transport!

Your convenience is our top priority. You no longer have to wonder how to deliver your used scaffolding to us, for example mobile scaffolding units. Our crew will come for it to any address you have indicated! Take advantage of our unique offer and save yourself the fuss and expenditure on transport.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we shall answer all your questions!

You will find no better prices!

In addition to the purchase, we also sell scaffolding. Caring for your safety and satisfaction, we offer you only the best, proven and robust solutions.

We offer first-class products of world-renowned companies, such as Plettac, Layher, Rux and Bosta. We shall always professionally advise and choose the best rolling or façade scaffolding for you. You need not worry about the price, because our offer is unequalled in the market! Need more details or expert advice? Just call us or send us a message.