meet Stern Service

Stern Service has been operating on the market since 2003, successfully providing clients with the best solutions in the field of scaffolding, both for sale and purchase.

What, apart from the wide offer and affordable prices, distinguishes us from the competition?

First of all, our presence in the industry began much earlier than the official record indicates. We have been gathering experience for years. We got our first touches on the western market, in Germany, running our own assembly company. For over a dozen years, we have been focusing in our work primarily on scaffolding, using all the skills that we have managed to accumulate from the beginning of our existence in the industry. We offer our clients not only the highest quality products from the best producers, but also perfect service, always tailored to their individual needs.

We offer our clients:

A series of professional scaffoldings
Aluberg 770 and 1370

The Aluberg 770 and 1370 scaffoldings belong to a series of professional scaffoldings that can be assembled in a very short time and without the use of tools. The rungs and frames are made of 50 and 80 mm profiles, thanks to which, even with high pressure, the scaffolding element does not deform or bend. The entire mounting system is "click", while the competition still uses outdated "plate-butterfly-screw" solutions. This is a time-consuming solution that often ends up losing important parts.


Aluberg Home HD and Aluberg Hobby series

A scaffolding line designed for home use, with a specially adapted working height: from 2.8 to 7.8 meters Thanks to the use of a folding frame, the scaffolding can be assembled and disassembled very easily and quickly, without the use of additional tools. It is not a problem when transporting, because it is extremely light and the basic folded model fits in the door