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Aluberg rolling scaffolding, aluminium scaffolding units, mobile scaffolding units

How to save many hours of work and a few thousand GBP on scaffolding?

You know the situation, whereby instead of working on an overhaul or repair, you need to lose time moving scaffolding? Even if it would take you one hour per week, it turns out that within a year you lose MORE THAN A WEEK of work just for scaffolding. Plus the problems of storage and transport. And high prices.

We once experienced all these difficulties ourselves. Our employees had spent hundreds of hours assembling and dismantling scaffolding, as well as doing work at heights. We have tried various scaffolding models – with all their shortcomings … So when we heard about new Polish rolling scaffolding, we just had to test it.

How to solve ALL problems with scaffolding and save?

The tests went extremely well! Our employees – specialists with fitter certificates of the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining – they checked everything. And they confirmed that the Aluberg mobile scaffolding could solve all the problems, with which our clients (and employees) had coped so far.

We have been using the scaffolding ourselves for several months in our business. With it our clients have saved dozens of hours, because the structure can be moved to another location in just a moment.

See 7 proofs of beznazwy  scaffolding’s unrivalled merits

We compared the Aluberg scaffolding with competing products. The results were surprising! Our experts had confirmed that Aluberg was ahead of the competition. See 7 reasons why you should choose just this scaffolding and not overpay:

First proof: Fast assembly

The scaffolding’s assembly is very easy and requires no tools at all. And yet its structure is stable, strong and durable.

Second proof: Easy to move

Moving the scaffolding unit to another location takes virtually only a moment. Instead of lengthy downtime associated with the need to set up the structure in another place, just a short pause is enough – and you can resume working, for instance on another wall of the building.

Third proof: Lightweight and durable design

Strong scaffolding need not be heavy! It all depends on the materials used in its manufacture. Aluminium is ideal in this situation. A structure made of lighter tubes is even easier to relocate, and at the same time it withstands harsh weather conditions perfectly.

Fourth proof: Precise height adjustment

Aluberg scaffolding may reach 12 m in height without additional modules, meaning – as a matter of fact – at no extra cost. In addition, the platform height is adjustable: the consecutive levels are just 28 cm apart. The platform’s appropriate setting has never been so easy.

Fifth proof: Safety and compliance

The scaffolding structure is exactly what is expected by people working at heights, and at the same time – conforms to the requirements on e.g. maximum load. In this respect Aluberg equals the most expensive solutions on the market.

Sixth proof: Easy storage

Owing to its compact design, the sliding scaffolding, when folded, takes up minimum space. Folded tubes and platforms will fit even in a garage.

Seventh proof: Clear instructions

All information on the scaffold and its assembly is found in the manufacturer folders. With these straightforward instructions you will be able to set up the scaffolding alone, even if you have not dealt with similar structures before.

Now you know why we only recommend these scaffolding units to you. This structure is as good, as the expensive scaffolding of foreign manufacturers, but it costs a lot less. If you try it just once – you will always want to work on Aluberg scaffolding. It is so durable, that it will last for many years.