Modular scaffoldings allow you to work at high altitudes on buildings of unusual form. These systems allow you to modify the shape yourself. The assembly mechanism is reliable and simple, so you can quickly and efficiently change the position of individual elements so that the entire structure meets the current requirements. The modular scaffoldings available in our store are used primarily during renovation and construction sites. We also provide solid structures to companies specializing in the provision of services related to work at heights.
The wide variety of products available in our offer means that every customer will find an article ideally suited to their own needs. We try to suggest which modular scaffolding will be the best for a specific type of work, which is why contact with the client plays a very important role in our company. We also advise on how to install individual parts so that the modular scaffolding is a safe and durable structure.


modular scaffolding

An important feature of modular scaffoldings is the fact that they can be easily assembled and disassembled at the work site. The intuitive installation system significantly reduces the time of works, which in the perspective of the entire project allows you to save a lot of time, and thus - money. An important advantage of modular scaffolding is also the fact that structures of this type are perfect for construction and renovation works at structures with unusual and original shapes. Thanks to this, modular scaffolding works well during conservation works, when we are dealing with less typical historical structures, which are often located in a difficult context, such as the proximity of other valuable objects. An important advantage of the presented systems is also the fact that they come in a wide range of variants, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to a specific context and type of works.


Plettac systems

The modular Plettac systems are one of the best construction systems available on the market. They are one of the basic elements of equipment for every renovation and construction team. It is using the modular parts of the Plettac company that you can create high and complex racks that will facilitate work on any construction site. These professional scaffoldings are perfect for outdoor work, even in unfavorable weather conditions. Special assembly systems allow for precise positioning and height adjustment.


by Layher

Layher modular scaffoldings are modular structures equipped with an intuitive and simple assembly system. All structures in our offer undergo thorough quality control. Reliability and solidity of Layher systems are confirmed by numerous certificates determining compliance with all European standards. All parts available in our store undergo a thorough quality control.