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Sale of wall and ceiling formwork

Sale of formwork

In addition to a wide range of various scaffolding, we also offer sale of formwork wall and ceiling companies Doka, Peri, Hunnebeck. These elements are used on construction sites when creating foundations. The molds available in our store are of various sizes, so that customers can easily choose a product ideally suited to the requirements of a specific task. Formwork is used to build foundations, fences, ceilings or stairs not only in private homes and public buildings, but also road elements, e.g. viaducts. They allow to obtain the appropriate shape of the foundation, which is why they are extremely important equipment for every renovation and construction team.

The formwork offered by our company is distinguished by an extraordinary degree of durability. They allow for the construction of a stable structure of walls or ceilings. All elements undergo thorough quality control.

Sale of formwork We have been dealing with for years, so we know how important it is to choose the right solutions for a specific situation and the nature of the work. Our specialists are at your disposal, and the time we spent in the industry allowed us not only to perfectly recognize the market, but also to examine the preferences of modern customers. The formworks that you will find in our offer are proven system solutions. This technology has largely replaced traditional wooden formwork, and to tell you the truth, one should not be surprised, because system formwork is easy to install and universal in use, which definitely translates into speed of work, as well as savings – time and money. The formwork we sell is technologies provided by renowned manufacturers, so you can be sure that you are investing in high quality and safety.

Formwork used

In our offer you will find used formwork and the brand new ones. The choice of second-hand systems is a great proposition for those who do not want to waste on the quality of used solutions, while generating considerable savings. The used formwork that we offer are the highest quality systems – solutions that come from reputable manufacturers, and before they are re-entered the market, they undergo all necessary inspections and repairs to successfully serve for many years to come. It is worth emphasizing that we make every effort to ensure that the formwork used is as new, which translates proportionally to comfort and safety of future users. Let us add that we not only offer used formwork, but also provide professional support in the selection of the best solutions, so you can freely count on our help in this area.

Wall formwork

We try to provide our clients with access to a variety of articles, which is why we offer professional wall formwork. They are used during the construction of walls. Their task is to support concrete structures so that the mixture solidifies evenly, without any distortions. We have the highest class formwork that allows for precise placing of walls in both residential and industrial construction. It is thanks to our products that it is possible to obtain a smooth surface without much effort. Many years of experience in the industry allowed us to develop appropriate quality control methods. We carefully check each formwork. In this way, we provide our customers with the maximum level of security.

Systemic wall formwork is a guarantee not only of safety, but also of efficiency and effectiveness of construction works. Compared to traditional wooden formwork, system solutions are characterized by exceptional durability and intuitive assembly, which significantly improves the work, translating into specific savings in time and money, as well as the quality of the work performed. It is also worth adding that in addition to systems produced by reputable manufacturers, we also offer material advisory support. Thanks to the advice of our specialists, you have a chance to reach for technologies that will work best in a specific situation, which in turn will result in the full professionalism of the services you offer to your clients. If you have questions about wall formwork, call us today. We are here to improve your work!

Ceiling formwork

Another proposition in our extensive offer are professional ones ceiling formwork. Thanks to their solid structure, the elements offered in our store successfully support entire structures, even of very complex ceilings. They are indispensable during every construction, because they allow the ceiling to be poured with concrete and to give it the appropriate shape. We try to meet the requirements of all customers, which is why we specialize in the distribution of formwork in various sizes. We are aware that some building structures require special solutions. Therefore, we have included even unusual formwork in our offer.

We deliver any number of formwork to the address indicated. We fulfill all orders on time. We offer a product with the most important safety approvals. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.