new and used

We specialize in the distribution of used and new facade scaffolding from the best producers. The elements sold by our company are distinguished by remarkable durability and stability, thanks to which people working at significant heights can safely perform their duties without any problems. We offer scaffolding of German brands operating within the following systems: Plettac, Layher, Rux, Bosta. All scaffoldings have been thoroughly checked, so we can be absolutely sure that you receive the highest quality product without any losses affecting the safety of users. We also offer professional mobile scaffolding.


new scaffolding

The most important advantage of the new scaffolding is the fact that its service life is not yet reduced by increased use. In short, you can be sure that you are making a good investment for the future by choosing your new scaffolding. Scaffolding systems that are properly used and maintained can serve many investments, thanks to which you gain additional competitiveness and a practical tool in the fight for customers and high quality of services. A certain disadvantage of the new scaffolding may be the fact that their purchase is associated with a significant expense, but it should be emphasized that the costs incurred pay off quickly, and the quality and efficiency of the services provided translate into greater interest in subsequent customers.


used scaffolding

It is worth adding that our offer also includes used scaffolding. This is an excellent proposition for those who plan to save without losing the quality of the technologies used. You can be sure that when you reach for the used scaffolding that you will find in our assortment, you are choosing proven solutions from the best producers. All scaffolding systems that we return to our customers' disposal first undergo a detailed inspection and necessary repairs. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are reaching not only for a lower price, but also for high quality, which translates into the safety and efficiency of investments that you will implement based on the used construction scaffolding.



We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of solid scaffolding RUX. These are very durable structures consisting of platforms (steel and wooden versions are available) with sizes from 2,5 m do 3 m. It is worth noting that currently this type of scaffolding is one of the narrowest on the market (according to the manufacturer's data, the width of the frame is 65 cm), which makes it perfect for construction sites where the space for placing the racks is limited. RUX constructions are very popular due to their durability. A solidly assembled structure is an ideal solution for renovation works with additional load in the form of construction equipment and tools.



Plettac scaffoldings are one of the most durable products that enable the performance of works at high altitudes. They are widely used not only in construction, but also in heavy and energy industries. Simple assembly and relatively light parts mean that the disassembly of the scaffolding does not take much time. The solid structure is distinguished by stability even under heavy loads, which makes Plettac products suitable for construction sites. These articles meet all standards, which ensures maximum safety for people working at heights.



Our store offers modular Layher scaffolding. The Layher scaffolding system, thanks to a small number of screwless elements, provides users with a simple assembly system, additionally it is characterized by its low weight. We specialize in the distribution of new and used systems, which undergo a thorough quality control before being sent to customers. Each set comes with a full technical specification and user manual. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of modular scaffolding.



We make every effort to provide our clients with access to the best products, which is why we have supplemented the range with Bosta steel scaffolding. These systems meet all safety standards. The individual elements are distinguished by their solidity. Steel was used for the production of scaffolding, which is characterized by a high degree of strength even under high loads.

If you are interested in purchasing scaffolding, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We serve clients not only throughout Poland, but also in Europe. We will deliver your chosen system on time to the address provided. We also provide professional advice on how to choose the scaffolding for the type of work.